Lea Ceramiche, Fuori Salone 2017, Milano

“Primavera” is a special tile designed for Lea Ceramiche in occasion of the exhibition “In Factory _ Material Landscape” curated by Diego Grandi. The project aims to give a timeless interpretation of the ancient technique of enamel decoration applied over contemporary ceramic tiles. Taking inspiration from a traditional motif of Japanese art of paper decoration, Primavera creates a link with the Italian tradition of vision and representation of space in architecture. A slight shift of the point of view turned the waves of a flat graphic pattern into a pergola seen as a series of arches in perspective view. A thin paper like ceramic once applied on all vertical surfaces of a room can completely change the perception of its extension, thus creating the sensation of an endless dimension. “Primavera” is a space of euphoria and lightness, where redundancy of decoration determines new borders in the sense of place and time.