Pinetum 04, Contemplazioni, Villa Gaeta, Moncioni, 2017

Villa Gaeta is a seventeenth century building located on the side of the Chianti mountains overlooking the Val d’Arno. It is surrounded by an arboretum of about three hectares called Pinetum, a rare and extraordinary “collection” of conifers from the mid-nineteenth century, designed by Giuseppe Gaeta, a lawyer and great botanist, who had imported about 160 species from around the world. in particular from North America.
Nowadays the villa and its historical and private botanical garden are a permanent laboratory of experimentation of design and art. A residence for artists. When the Studio was called to create “contemplations” through a permanent work on site, specifically designed to fit in with the park, we thought of creating a pause amidst the plants. Simple objects like a series of benches to set both small landmarks in the forest and new points of view through the leaves.