Istituzione Bologna Musei | MAMbo, Bologna, 2021

At the heart of Foto/Industria 2021 is the food industry, a theme of fundamental importance due to its inextricable link to wider questions of philosophy and biology, history and science, politics and economics.

Jan Groover studied to become a painter; she was inspired by the work of artists such as Paul Cézanne, Giorgio Morandi and the minimalists. She started dedicating herself to photography in the early 70s. This exhibition, coming from the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, where the artist’s entire archive is kept, is her first retrospective in Italy, and represents an opportunity to bring her work closer to that of the Bolognese master Giorgio Morandi.

Inside a large ex-industrial space, the work of the American photographer is exhibited thanks to the creation of a structure that brings dimensions back to the domestic scale.