Palazzo Fava, Bologna, 2021

At the heart of Foto/Industria 2021 is the food industry, a theme of fundamental importance due to its inextricable link to wider questions of philosophy and biology, history and science, politics and economics.

The work is centred on the typical tuna processing and in particular slaughter, a tradition that was alive in the local population at the time but destined to disappear. In a rare and calibrated sequence, List celebrates life and death, treating animals as mythical figures and observing the island workers as the last custodians of an archaic knowledge.

The space in which the exhibition is set up is the room of Giasone e Medea in Palazzo Fava, with a cycle of frescoes by the Carracci decorating the upper part of the walls.
Through the concave section of the installation, the spectator enters into a relationship not only with the photographs on display but also with the space of the hall and its cycle of frescoes.